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Jami and Nelson

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Our Story

Nelson and Jami's love story began in March of 2014. Nelson walked into a boutique medical spa looking for a red light facial. This twist of fate introduced him to Jami, who was working there at the time.

Shortly after meeting, Nelson emailed Jami and invited her Napa for a date of massages and mud baths. Jami was very focused on work at the time and already had a working weekend planned with her boss in Tahoe so she regretfully declined.

Of course Nelson knew this was his chance - he replied back to Jami and told her if she came with him to Napa he would make sure that by the end of the weekend, she wouldn't even remember how to spell the word Tahoe!

Jami and her boss both found Nelson and his comment very cute and Jami decided to reschedule her working weekend to join Nelson in napa for the last first date of her life!